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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenVC is an open resource (think Wikipedia) that helps investors and founders find each other in a more efficient way.

Use the search bar and filters to get a list of the most relevant investors for you. Some investors allow direct outreach via email or an online form. Others prefer warm intros, so you will have to find a way to reach them.

VC firms, angels, and accelerators can get listed for free on OpenVC. Just click "Add a fund" and fill the form. Give us 24 hours for verification, and you're good to go!

All deal flow on OpenVC is screened for quality and thesis fit. As an investor on OpenVC, you can expect to receive ~1 outreach per week. When a submission is not a good fit, we send a rejection email to the founder with actionable feedback and helpful links to help them succeed.

Hi there! We are Stephane and Lucas the makers of OpenVC. OpenVC is a side-project - we both have real jobs. But we put a lot of heart and work into it. We hope you'll like it. 

Yes, it's really free. We rely on donations and affiliation links to keep the project running. Please consider donating on our Ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/openvc.

Just email steph [at] openvc [dot] app. We always reply.