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Who we areFuse Venture Partners has helped leading tech businesses grow from start-ups to multi-billion Euro operations with a global footprint, such as Europe's most successful food delivery platform. It has advised a wide network of entrepreneurs, ventures, and investors, including the largest listed technology venture capital investor in Europe.
Value addN/A
Investor typeVC
Global HQ

Level 3 Chester House, 81-83 Fulham High Street, London SW6 3JA, United Kingdom

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Funding requirementsWe invest in high-growth tech ventures primarily in Europe.
Funding stages4. Scaling5. Growth6. Pre-IPO
First cheque$1M to $30M
Target countries UK Italy Spain Portugal France Switzerland Finland Germany Sweden Poland Austria Ireland Denmark Belgium Greece Serbia Slovakia Netherlands Hungary Romania Bulgaria Croatia Belarus Ukraine Moldova Lithuania Latvia Estonia Czech Republic Slovenia Norway Albania Luxembourg


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We invest in high-growth tech ventures primarily in Europe.

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