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Who we areFuture Energy Ventures believes the future of energy will see multiple sectors converging to deliver decarbonized, digitalized, and democratized access to energy.

This needs us to all think differently; everything will be interconnected and play a role within larger energy infrastructure. Electric cars are not just vehicles, they are also mobile batteries; buildings can also be energy generators; homes and businesses can be smart and connected, regulating the energy they use and when. Frontier technologies such as AI and blockchain have a role to play in connecting these producers and consumers of energy together.

Creating this new energy future requires bold thinking and will see new players disrupt traditional energy supply chains. Future Energy Ventures exists to drive that transition by investing in the innovative companies that are creating the digital and digitally-enabled technologies that have the potential to redefine the future energy landscape, helping these pioneers to build their business and make the connections to accelerate their growth.
Future Energy Ventures is born from the energy industry, but it understands energy must converge with other sectors to create a sustainable and prosperous future. This is why we go beyond energy to invest in companies solving problems in cities or building frontier technology. The realization of our ambition relies on collaboration and partnerships; between people and companies from many different industries.
Value addN/A
Firm typeVC
Global HQ

Rellinghauser Str. 27, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen 45128, DE

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Funding requirementsWe invest in energy startups.
Funding stages4. Scaling5. Growth
First cheque$1M to $10M
Target countries Germany USA Israel UK Switzerland


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How to get in touch Email address
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Website https://fev.vc

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We invest in energy startups.

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