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Who we areUnknown Ventures is an Austin-based venture studio that provides funding and operational support for pre-seed to Series A startups in emerging spaces. The way we see it, it takes guts to start your own business β€” to do things your own way and to forge your own path. As a venture studio, we aim to support and invest in those who set out to do just that. We invest in daring individuals and organizations who make it their mission to bring about joy and innovation through entrepreneurship, for the betterment of the human experience. ‍ If you want to give your all to something you believe in β€” something you believe can make a difference in others' lives, and are willing to risk it big for it β€” we think that's worth investing our time, expertise, and capital in. ‍ So to those courageous enough to venture through unchartered territories, join us. Because the future is Unknown.
Value addN/A
Investor typeStartup studio
Global HQ

201 E 5th St, Austin, Texas 78701, US

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Investment thesisWe invest in pre-seed to Series A startups in emerging spaces.
Stages of investment3. Early Revenue2. Prototype1. Idea or Patent4. Scaling
First cheque$50k to $1.5M
Countries of investment USA


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We invest in pre-seed to Series A startups in emerging spaces.

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