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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenVC is an open resource (think Wikipedia) where VCs can claim their investment thesis. By doing so, VCs receive less spam from clueless founders. They also drive highly-qualified deal flow.  In return, it makes life easier for founders (yes, it matters).

"Verified data" is reliable. It has been provided by the funds or added by us.  The rest of the data is crowdsourced so less reliable. Use your discretion.

  • Data. The best way to support OpenVC is by adding accurate data and fixing errors. 
  • Exposure. Tweet about OpenVC, blog about it. Most importantly, tell your VC friends about it.
  • Feedback. Use the chatbox to let us know about bugs and feature ideas. We always reply.

Hi there! We are Stephane and Lucas the makers of OpenVC. OpenVC is a side-project - we both have real jobs. But we put a lot of heart and work into it.  We hope you'll like it. 

Yes, it's really free. We rely on your donations to keep the project running. To support OpenVC, please donate on our Ko-fi page:

Just email steph [at] openvc [dot] app. We always reply.