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Founders & investors love OpenVC

Janice Taylor
Founder, Ah-ha Healing
Absolutely loving OpenVC.app, so intuitive and has made searching/reaching out 10 times easier. Thank you for building this. All #founders should check this App out if you are hunting for investor leads. Best one yet!
Camilo Silva Caviedes
Founder, Suplait
After weeks of trying to get an intro, the GP scheduled a call with me with almost no effort. Huge thanks to @OpenVC for making it happen!
Christian Lecorps
Founder, Atlas Prime
😍😍😍 OpenVC is one of the best things that ever happened to me as a founder so far.
Alex Macdonald
Serial investor
More than half the deck submissions for my syndicate in the past few days came from @OpenVC, a suite of amazing free tools for founders and VCs.
Iyanna Halilou
Associate, Moxxie Ventures
I am obsessed with @OpenVC! Thank you for building!
Justin Ahn
Founder, Quidli Protocol
FWIW, I found one of our seed round investors via @OpenVC, reach out as described, and it worked!
Gabby Cazeau
Principal, Harlem Capital
The resource I share most often is OpenVC.app
It's the best tool out there for searching for potential investors by stage, thesis, etc
Leo Ringer
Partner, Form Ventures
On a positive note, we've had some really well targeted inbound via OpenVC!
Kenny Burks
Founder, CarKenny
This is great! I started using OpenVC today to find mobility investors—game changer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenVC is an open platform that allows tech founders to connect with investors.

We provide founders with an investor list, a fundraising CRM, and a deck hosting solution for free - no commission, no subscription.

We also offer a Premium membership for the founders who want fundraising superpowers.

It's simple: create an account and search for the right investors. Each investor is different: some accept cold emails while other prefer online forms or warm intros.

To learn how to use OpenVC read the 5-min tutorial.

OpenVC is 100% free for investors - no subscription, no commission.

Just click "Sign up" and follow the instructions. Make sure to give a detailed description of your thesis, so you receive qualified deal flow.

Please note that it takes ~24 hours to get your profile approved.

All deal flow on OpenVC is screened for quality and thesis fit. As an investor on OpenVC, you can expect to receive ~1 outreach per week. When a submission is not a good fit, we send a rejection email to the founder with actionable feedback and helpful links to help them succeed.

Hi there! We are Stephane and Lucas, the makers of OpenVC. We put a lot of heart and work into it.  We hope you'll like it. 

OpenVC is free to use for both sides. Similar to Linkedin, anyone can sign up and connect with investors via OpenVC. We also offer a Premium membership for founders who want superpowers to raise funds.

Just email steph [at] openvc [dot] app or find us on X.

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