The VC list of VC lists - 53 databases listed

Posted by St├ęphane Nasser | May 20, 2024

If you ask me, OpenVC is the only VC list you need to know.

Of course, that's a lie ­čÖä

As much as I hate to admit it, there are many great VC lists out there. Here are a few that could help you. They are all free - unless stated otherwise.

If I missed one, email me at [email protected] and I'll add it quickly!

Table of Contents

Global, free VC lists

1. OpenVC - The best VC list for cold outreach

A list of 5,000+ VC firms, entirely free. First-hand data is marked as verified so you know it's reliable. You can cold email most VCs through the platform, and the deal flow is screened for quality and fit, so VCs don't get spammed and good founders get noticed more easily.

VC lists in the US

2. DocSend - 365 active VC firms in the US

DocSend is one of the best solution to send your pitch deck to VCs. They also maintain an Airtable list of active VCs in the US - entirely free.

3. Mercury - 250+ active investors in the US

Founded 2017, Mercury has quickly become the go-to bank for US startups. They are known for their killer UX, their outstanding customer experience, and their nice investor list.

4. Trace Cohen - 400+ active angel investors in the US

This list was created by Trace Cohen from NYVP and contains active angel investors listed with their investment thesis, and most of the time, their direct email address.

5. First Round - A free directory with 365 US angels

This free angel directory is maintained by VC firm First Round. You need to sign up to access it, but it's worth it - 356 angels sorted by location, check size, thesis. and value add.

6. NYC Founder Guide - 98 VCs and angels in NYC

First Round recently released this directory of VCs and angels investing in NYC. You have the typical filters and plenty of information to find good prospective investors.

7. Unknown - 23 VC firms in NYC

This is a super small list with only 23 firms. However, it's fully focused on NYC so if you're raising in the City, it's worth taking a look at it. Please lmk the author if this list if you know it.

8. Signals by NfX - Find VC intros in your network

Sign up to Signals and connect your Gmail address. Signals will find "intro paths" for you i.e. people you know who may intro you to investors - mostly US.

9. Versatile VC - Free money for US startups

This is not exactly a VC list, but absolutely worth mentioning. David Teten of Versatile VC has put together a list of "free money" that US founders can claim. Def check it out!

10. Folk - 2,000+ US funds, accelerators, and angels, - mostly US

This is one of the recent Folk lists that have been doing the rounds on social media. I don't know who created it, but it looks pretty well structured.

VC lists in Europe

11. EuroVC - 741 VC firms that invest in Europe and Israel

Managed by Yannick Roux and Stefano Bernardi, two European investors, this list contains 700+ VC firms that invest in Europe and Israel, as well as some cool charts and graphs.

12. Ultimate VC List - All French VCs in one place

Serena Capital is well-known in France for their annual VC map. Recently, they stepped up their game and offer a great VC list for free to all founders. Great data, great UX.

13. Find My VC - Custom VC shortlists for France

This is a recent creation by Xange, another French fund. Answer a few questions about your startup and Find My VC will generate a shortlist of relevant VC firms for you. France only.

14. Unknown - List of 398 French VCs

Yet another French VC list, this time with full names and even photos of the investors. It's all neatly arranged and comes with convenient labels by industry, too.

15. Guida Startup - 200+ investors in Italy

A great tool for Italian founders. Make sure you open it in full screen and you have a list of most Italian players - VCs and accelerators.

16. KFund - 200+ VC firms that invest in Spain

This is actually a list of VC deals done in Spain, but you can reverse engineer it to find relevant investors for you. It was built by KFund, a VC firms focused on Europe and LATAM. If you guys at Kfund read me, it would be great to publish this as a VC list as well!

17. First Round Coach - 95 investors in the Czech Republic

This is a very neat resource for Czech founders. It lists down 95 VC firms, angels, and other players that fund local tech founders.

18. - 100 VC firms that invest in the Baltics

Super clean jobs with 100 VC firms listed, complete with themes, cheque size, and portfolio. GG to the team, and they even updated it for 2024!

19. Mountside - 400+ VC firms with fresh capital and UK focus

Mountside Ventures keeps track of VC forms that recently raised a fund - they are most likely to be actively investing. The focus is mostly, but not exclusively, UK. Updated May 2024.

20. NLfunding - A simple list of 80 Dutch VC firms

This list is super basic: no filters, no details. But it can be helpful if you're a Dutch startup and want to make sure you have all the usual suspects covered.

VC lists in Asia & Oceania

21. Map of the Money - All VCs in Singapore

This list gathers 111 VC firms that are active in Singapore. I particularly like the job they did with data visualization. It's fun to play with while being easy to read and informative.

22. JVCA - A simple list of Japanese VC firms

The Japanese VC landscape is notoriously difficult to navigate, especially to outsiders. A good starting point is this simple list put together by the Japanese VC Association. It includes both VCs and CVC, but not much in terms of filters.

23. Airtree - 160+ VC firms that invest in Australia

Airtree Ventures is a VC firm that invests in early-stage startups in Australian and New Zealand. They maintain a free list of 160+ VC firms in Australia.

24. Airtree - 180+ angels and syndicates that invest in Australia

Airtree Ventures offers a list of angel investors and angel syndicates for Asutralia-based startups. Great list, clean, rich with information. 10/10, would recommend.

25. Folk - 300+ early-stage investors in Australia

Yet another list of Australian investors, this time built on Folk. This list contains the name of the people working at the fund, their Linkedin, and even (sometimes) their email addresses.

VC lists in Africa & the Middle East

26. Briter Bridges - 150 VC firms that invest in Africa

OK, this map dates from 2018. But it's pretty comprehensive and covers all of the African continent.

27. Folk - 300+ angel investors in the Middle East

The Middle East is a growing tech scene, but investors are still hard to find, Here's a good starting point: 300 investors

VC lists with specific themes

28. Ventroduce - A downloadable list of 86 SaaS investors

Ventroduce is a fundraising platform that focuses on European SaaS companies. Their list has a small number of funds, but contains a lot of information for each - and it's downloadable!

29. DifferentFunds - 300+ VC firms with a DeepTech focus

Once you sign up to DifferentFunds (for free), you can access a list of 300+ VC firms with a focus on US DeepTech, along with many other filters.

30. HelloTomorrow - 1,653 VC firms that invest in deeptech

HelloTomorrow is a global initiative that aims at promoting and developing deeptech. For years now, they have maintained an impressive list of deeptech VCs - 100% free.

32. Climatescape - 536 funds with an Environmental focus

Climatescape is a collective on a mission to accelerate to accelerate the transition to a sustainable global economy. Their directory is open and under CC license.

32. ImpactAssets - 140+ funds with an Impact focus

A beautifully designed list that focuses on Impact investment. You can filter investors by impact goal, such as education, global health, or water & sanitation.

33. Unknown - 143 funds with a D&I focus

A free list of 143 VC firms and accelerators that focus on Diversity & Inclusion. I don't know who built this list, so please lmk and I'll give them proper credit.

34. Christoph Janz - A Twitter list of 1,000+ woman investors

This Twitter list was put together by Christoph Janz from Point Nine. It's a Twitter list, so you can't filter it, but it's a good starting point if you're actively looking for female investors.

35. Sifted - 150+ female angel investors

Sifted is a tech media focused on the EU scene and backed by FT. They have produced this recent list of active female angel investors in Europe.

See below a bunch of paid VC lists. I haven't tried them, so I don't endorse them. In particular, some of them scrape data with little quality control. You've been warned...

36. Angels Partners - 100k investors for $99/mo

37. Visible - 13k VC firms for $59/mo

38. Funden - 30k funds for $179/mo

39. Unicorn Nest - 40k funds for $16/mo

40. VCPro Database - 6,900 VC firms for $120 once

41. AngelMatch - 90k investors for $99/mo

42. FounderSuite - 200k investors for $528/year

43. Finta - 3,000+investors for $44/mo

44. Private Equity List - 5,900+ PE/VC funds for $25/month

45. Crunchbase - 220k investors for $588/year

46. DealLite - UK investors for $25/mo

47. AcheumVC - 200+ VC fims in Brazil for $40 one-time

48. VenturesList - 365 VC firms for $29 one-time

49. Gritt - 30,000 angels for $40/mo

Reputation-focused VC lists

In an industry where reputation is everything, everybody wants a "Glassdoor for VCs", but nobody wants a bad review. Kudos to the players below who are trying to crack that nut.

50. Landscape - Glassdoor for European VCs

A neat app focused on investor reviews. Search any fund and see real reviews by real founders. They also have a sister project called "OpenScout" that you can check out.

51. VC Guide - Glassdoor for US VCs

VC Guide made a lot of noise when it was released. Some reviews were really rough and hilarious to read. Not sure if the team is still active, though.

52. Boundwell - Search VCs by reputation (DEAD ­čą▓)

Boundwell allows founders to filters 30k VC firms not only by stage or vertical, but also by ratings. They boast 6,000+ reviews on their website - 100% free.

53. The Funded - The OG of VC-rating lists (DEAD ­čą▓)

Before Landscape and VC Guide, there was TheFunded. A lawsuit stopped them in their tracks, but you can still look at old reviews and see that things never really change.

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