How to guest post on OpenVC

Posted by Stéphane Nasser | July 18, 2023

Every week, we publish 1 writing on venture capital by a guest contributor. This article is posted on our blog and widely shared with founders and investors worldwide.

Wanna guest post on OpenVC? Here's what you need to know.

Table of Contents

1. What makes a successful guest post?

We publish strong opinions and deep expertise discussing tech entrepreneurship and venture capital.

In our experience, the most successful guest posts are:

  • "How to" posts i.e. detailed tutorials that break down a complex process in several steps. These are usually long, in-depth posts with sections and sub-sections, examples, screenshots and real-life cases. The guest post "How to model a VC fund" by Taylor Davidson is a great example.
  • "Data" posts i.e. posts where you share insights based on exclusive data analysis. These posts may be shorter in length but require a fait amount of data collection, clean up, analysis and visualization. The guest post "An LP take on VC portfolio construction" by Rodrigo Ferreira is a great example.

We also welcome other types of guest posts as long as it's valuable content for founders and investors.

2. Can I pay to have my post published?

No. This may change in the future, but so far, we don't take money for guest posts.

Please note that a guest post is NOT an advertisement. Talking about your company is fine when relevant, but anything too commercial will be rejected - no exceptions.

If you're not sure, ask us.

3. How long to get my post published?

First, submit your guest post idea. We'll be in touch via email and provide you with a Google Doc where you can write your post.

Then, it depends on you. A guest post is a lot of work, so we don't set a deadline. When it's ready, it's ready.

Our publication calendar is usually full 2 months ahead. We only publish 1 post per week to maximize exposure and quality, so please be patient.

4. Can I republish a post I've published somewhere else?

No. All OpenVC guest posts are original pieces. However, a summation or a deep dive of topics that you've previously explored is fine. If you're not sure, ask us.

5. Can I republish my OpenVC guest post on my own blog?

Yes. Just make sure of two things:

  • Include a canonical backlink to the original OpenVC guest post.
  • Publish on your blog 2 weeks after the original OpenVC publication.

6. What help can I expect from OpenVC?

We help with:

  • Validating the topic and the structure of the post before you start writing.
  • Reviewing and optimizing the post after you've written it.

7. How long should the guest post be?

There's no min or max.

A great 400 words post is absolutely fine. We're aiming for quality rather than quantity.

We are also comfortable with long-form posts. We have successfully published articles over 10,000 words. Our readers know how to enjoy high-quality knowledge.

8. How to apply for guest posting?

If you agree with all of the above, apply below 👇

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