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How does Venture Capital work?

This is VC 101. What is venture capital? How to raise venture funding? What are the stages of venture capital? Who does what at a VC firm? This article covers all key aspects of venture capital for beginners.

Posted by Shaun Gold | June 7, 2022
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Should your startup be in stealth mode?

A stealth startup is a company that operates in "stealth mode" i.e actively hiding its activities. Coda, Instabase, Clinkle, Theranos were all stealth once - with various degrees of success. Is stealth a smart move or a smokescreen? In this article, we break down the pros and cons of stealth mode for tech founders.

Posted by Shaun Gold | May 30, 2022
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Venture Capital Jobs – From analyst to partner

Who does what in a VC firm? How do you get into the industry in the first place? How do you climb all the way from analyst to partner? This post covers the basics of venture capital jobs for curious founders and aspiring investors.

Posted by Shaun Gold | May 13, 2020